Turn your iPhone into a high-quality recording device.

iTalk’s simple, intuitive user interface lets you start/stop, choose recording quality, and manage the list of your recordings, all with just one fingertip.

Run iTalk to record on your iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch. Email your recording straight from iTalk, or run iTalk Sync on your computer to transfer your recordings from your iPhone to your computer via Wi-Fi.

iTalk from Griffin Technology. A complete recording solution in the palm of your hand.

Best iPhone audio recording solution I’ve seen yet. – John Gruber, daringfireball.net
A must-download iPhone app. – Arnold Zafra, BrightHub.com
An excellent voice recorder that stands out among the many me-too recording apps. – Dan Frakes, MacWorld.com
iTalk offers some really neat features that make it the best recording app available. – AppVee.com

iTalk Premium is the premier recording app for iPhone.

It’s compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models (your iPod touch will need an external microphone, like TuneBuds Mobile).

iTalk Lite is the free version of iTalk — it has all the same recording features, and an unobtrusive ad bar instead of advanced playback controls. Also, emailing recordings is limited to files under 2MB.

(Anything bigger than the limit is still transferrable using iTalk Sync.)

iTalk Sync allows you to easily transfer recordings that are too big to email.

It searches your Wi-Fi connection to find any iPhone or iPod touch that’s running iTalk, and allows you to just drag your recordings from your iPhone or iPod to your computer’s desktop.

Choose your recording quality and tap the big red button

Enjoy iTalk’s simple,intuitive interface while recording

Edit your recording name & track file size in real time

View, preview, and add to your recordings whenever you like

Email your recordings directly from iTalk

App Store Reviews for iTalk 1.0 (verbatim)

I’ve tried two paid voice recorder apps before this one and this is the best for sure. - AndreRFG
Wonderful recorder that will do just what you’re looking for. - Philbertino
I tried a couple of other voice recorders, and this one is by far the most seamless. Excellent job! - musicfan168
This app is amazing, the audio quality is the best of any phone recorder I have ever heard, it is even good enough for me to record my guitar playing with little to no distortion! - El Tigre2
I don’t know but ya I love this app it’s Awesome!!!!!! - J294guy
This app is amazing! - Katie1298
Fåcil, simples e intuitivo. Recomendo-o! - KiZe_FIL
Awsome!!!!!!! Buy it! - Bosnjak08
Absolutely awesome! - timmy
I absolutely love this application: as a business person, it has repeatedly come in handy for recording meetings and it works flawlessly for each and every time I have used it. - NateS!
Goodbye dictaphone and hello iTalk. I love love it. It works exactly as billed. - SFSuss
This app replaces all the other voice recorders I’ve tried. - skellingtonjack
Wish I could give it more stars. - Fahnamanahm
This is by FAR the best recording app for the iPhone for virtually any use. - DyslexicSatanist999
It do what it do!!! - dez's
Best app ever for iPhones! - Toonsmith
Awesome little app! - Jfisherman
AWSOME - Spychicka
Awsome - A Must Have! - fooflame4
The sound quality when set on “best” is better than all of the PC mics I have purchased to date. 5 stars easily. - Crashoran
One of the best and most useful apps I’ve used. - SAVEDbytheSAVIOR
Intuitive and simple, sync works perfectly. Highly recommended! - Jason Pruitt
I used it to record my hubby snoring! So now I have proof to convince him how effin loud it really is :) - New wifey
The best of its class. - percyvega
awesome quality recorder the best recording app so I suggest you get it! - Zacklton
i ThOuGhT iT wAs A rAd ApP!!!!111 vErY gOoD aT rEcOrDiNg!!!!!111 - Tracie13
Awesome! - lostaddict64
Awesome :) - Nanyrami

* The Windows version is currently Public Beta. Any bugs you come across can be automatically sent to our software team.